Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sad Truth

As you all know, the past month or so has been a time of trial and error for my dinner service- Bon Appetit.   I have had a consistent flow of orders and business has run smoothly.  With that said, I hit a bump in the
road this week.  Apparently, the state found my website, can you believe that is someone's job, but they referred my information  to the county and that is when I was contacted by the Environmental Health Department (don, don, don).  I have known that I would need a food service permit to fully conduct business, but during my pursuit I felt I would wait until I had solid customers, therefore I did not obtain the permit.  After speaking with the representative for the department, he informed me that the sad truth is, businesses are not allowed to prepare food from their personal kitchens.  I am disappointed to say that I will not be able to continue with this service.  There is a reason for everything, right?  I want to say that I enjoyed it while it lasted, and I hope to continue with something similiar in the future.   We'll just have to wait and see what God has planned for me.   Thank you to everyone who ordered dinners, I appreciated your business.

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